Welcome to Roswell Folk & Heritage Bureau

Dedicated to building greater understanding of our culture and heritage through the traditional stories, songs, music, art, and language of the people. On the local, regional and national level, the objectives are:

  • To build strong relationships within communities
  • To preserve and promote our heritage, customs, and traditions
  • To interpret and preserve our history
  • To educate about folkways
  • To know who we are by remembering from where we came


Heritage Center at Roswell Visitors Bureau
The Roswell Folk & Heritage Bureau has formed a partnership with the Roswell Visitors Bureau which houses permanent historic and cultural exhibits that tell the story of Roswell’s past: Roswell Mills, the Life of the Mill Workers, Georgia Cotton and more.

The Roswell Mills & Civil WarRoswell Mills and the Civil War
Roswell Mills were among the leading suppliers of goods to the Confederacy. During the Civil War the mills were burned but visitors can stroll the interpretive walk in Old Mill Park, viewing mill ruins and the dam that powered the industry. Hear the stories of the 400 mostly women and children mill workers who were sent north to uncertain fates.

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