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Roswell Voices.Roswell VoicesThe Roswell Folk & Heritage Bureau is delighted to provide a speaker for your group, in order to encourage awareness and preservation of our traditional culture, customs, and folkways. To arrange a program, please call (770) 640-3253.

The Roswell Folk & Heritage Bureau works closely with experts in Georgia and throughout the South to pull together a dynamic approach to this fascinating subject. It is our belief that one can’t appropriately understand an area without understanding the cultures that have blended to form its dialects, traditions, and customs.

Roswell Voices

A Project of Roswell Folk & Heritage Bureau Language & Life Division

The dialect with which we speak is a key to knowing our ancestors. Each area of the country has its own regional dialect. These dialects, in their truest forms are rapidly changing.

The Roswell Folk & Heritage Bureau, Language & Life Division, documents Roswell’s community language through Roswell Voices, an oral history and dialect awareness program. Working with Bill Kretzschmar (PhD), professor of English and Linguistics at the University of Georgia, we have documented many long-time Roswell residents, their dialects and their stories. We are also documenting community change by comparing these interviews with interviews from younger generations. The Roswell Folk & Heritage Bureau, in cooperation with the team from the University of Georgia, has produced two booklets with accompanying compact disk of the Roswell Voices Project.

Roswell Voices – Hispanic

The American Dream (El sueño americano)
Es una vida la puedes vivir bien
Una persona mejor que yo (A person better than me)
Roswell me tomó (Roswell took me)
Se parte una rosca (Bread is broken)
Nos gustaría involucrarnos (We would like to get involved)
Nada más dile al vecino (Don’t go any further than to call your neighbor)

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