Throughout Roswell you will find many trails, among the most popular and prettiest are the Old Mill Park Interpretive Trail and the Covered Pedestrian Bridge that links the Historic District of Roswell with the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. As you explore these trails, or other trails throughout Georgia, the Through the Eyes of the Cherokee booklet will give you a new perspective on how to enjoy nature.

Through the Eyes of the Cherokee is published by the Roswell Convention & Visitors Bureau, written and illustrated by Mark Warren, and supported by Georgia Power Company.

Cherokee Memorial

This Memorial in tribute to the Cherokee is a project of Cindi Crane and the Roswell Historical Society.

The purpose of the memorial:

  • To educate and help provide inclusion of the Cherokee in Roswell’s history
  • This monument is a memorial to the Cherokees who were driven from their land and their homes against their will in 1838.

Thousands died on the Nunna-da-ul-tsun-yi, commonly translated as “The Trail of Tears.”

Roswell’s Cherokee Memorial is located at Riverside park (575 Riverside Drive) and Azalea Drive, along the Chattahoochee River.


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